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Jan 15 2013

Why On Earth Would Lindsay Lohan Use This Lawyer?

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan’s life has been a train wreck these past few years – numerous arrests, gossip-page scandals, a scathing article about her behavior in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. But the Lohan train may have gone completely over the cliff that the movie star fired her California attorney Shawn Holley to …

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Jul 13 2010

High Profile Cases Make Some Lawyers Forget Their Obligations

Lindsay Lohan’s search for a new lawyer led to a Chicago Lawyer named  Stuart Goldberg. How she found Mr. Goldberg, I don’t know, as his website seems to indicate he specializes in State and Federal street narcotics cases.  But in any event, he was flown to LA to meet with Lohan for six hours to …

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Jul 07 2010

Did Lindsay’s Nail Have a Profane Message?

I had previously commented about how poorly Lindsay Lohan was dressed for her court and how her lawyer needs to give her advice on that subject as well as her general court demeanor May 28,2010: http://www.courtroomstrategy.com/2010/05/lindsay-lohans-lawyer-needs-to-do-damage-control-asap-she-just-twitted-for-chanel-to-decorate-her-dwi-bracelet/ So now the web has pictures of her nails with a message scribbled on the middle finger “F*ck You”  …

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May 28 2010

Lindsay Lohan Needs Damage Control ASAP! She Just Asked Chanel to Decorate her DWI Bracelet!

Someone needs to speak with Shawn Chapman Holley,  Lindsay Lohan’s criminal defense attorney out in LaLa Land.  Now Holley, is an experienced high-profile lawyer at  one of California’s most powerful entertainment firms.  But apparently Lindsay Lohan is on auto-pilot.    On Monday, May 24, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ordered her to wear a …

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